Going beyond Facebook and Twitter

Is your Imagebusiness getting the most out of social media? If you’re only using Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus you’re missing out on a lot of traffic and potential customers, and you may want to consider integrating other networks into your social media strategy.


According to a survey conducted by Technorati, 80 percent of social media users are utilizing YouTube, making it the most used social media network. YouTube allows consumers to see the products being used, and consumers trust what they can see. Earning consumers’ trust is essential in business, and 29 percent of consumers say they trust YouTube more than any other social media network.

Social Media Director Julie Perry emphasizes the importance of businesses maintaining YouTube channels in order to boost their SEO. YouTube is not just a site for watching hours upon hours of cute babies and puppies. The video-sharing network is the second top search engine because people trust the network and it’s accessible from nearly every mobile device. Tag your YouTube videos with keywords so potential customers can discover you.

In order for a brand to be successful on Twitter or Facebook, it’s important that they’re sharing valuable information, not just pushing sales. On YouTube, how can a brand go beyond posting commercials for their products and keep consumers entertained? Is it even necessary to go beyond push marketing on YouTube?


In order for a business’ social media strategy to be successful, they have to reach their target audience on the social networks where they’re spending their time. Social media users are spending an average of 98 minutes per month on Pinterest, which is more time than Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn combined. Part of Pinterest’s success is due to the visual nature of the site. Images generate more engagement on social media, so use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

Roye Okupe provides the benefits a company can receive by using Pinterest:

  1. Drive massive quality traffic to your website
  2. Platform allows you to build relationships with customers and establishes your credibility
  3. Share content with followers without having to write lengthy content
  4. Better for sharing product images and videos than Facebook or Twitter

Because of the visual nature of Pinterest, it’s critical that your products or services are displayed in the best light, which may mean hiring a professional photographer. C.C. Chapman says that with tools like smart phones and Instagram, anyone can take quality pictures, but photography remains a skill. Your products and services are the livelihood of your business, so hire a professional to ensure that people click on your pins, and ultimately buy your products.

In order to have my personal content reach more people, I’ll pin images from blog posts. I have a lot more traffic on my Pinterest page than my blog, so by connecting the two, I benefit from the increased traffic and improve my integrated marketing strategy. 


Vine is a site that allows you to post six seconds of video to your Twitter account. The site garnered 13 million users in only six months, and five vines are tweeted every second. Like Twitter, Vine is acting as a news-breaking network. A record 19,667 Vines were recorded and shared on the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. Consumers want to see pictures and videos, and this is another network where you can extend your company’s reach and expand your audience. 

Vine allows individuals to showcase their personal brand. I follow United States gymnast McKayla Maroney on Twitter, and she uses Vine to show her fans different gymnastic maneuvers and what’s going on in training. The outlet allows her to inform while also showing off her personality, which will only engage more fans. What companies are using Vine effectively in their marketing strategies?




8 thoughts on “Going beyond Facebook and Twitter

  1. Great post Lauren.

    YouTube videos must be entertaining to keep an audience engaged. Keep in mind that the average attention span is 8 seconds, so it’s very important to use a variety of angles and breaks when filming the video to keep the attention of your viewers. Lastly, you should keep the video short or break it up into multiple 3-5 minute segments that your audience can view at their convenience.

    Now on to the fun stuff.

    Value added YouTube videos are engaging, inspirational, entertaining, informative, and trigger an emotional response. Knowing your audience is a critical element of creating superb content on YouTube, and capturing an audience. Creating opportunities for engagement will strengthen brand awareness. For example, audience interaction results in more visibility, more subscribers, more likes, more shares, and more comments.

    Basically, push marketing can be an effective strategy as long as the brand is creating engagement with their audience.

    • Thanks Jason! I agree that engagement is the key to success, and keeping videos short is a way to keep people watching. I would be concerned about breaking video into smaller segments, because people might not watch all of the segments, but I guess if your videos are engaging, that wouldn’t be an issue!

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  3. Hey Lauren,

    Great post! The company that first stood out to me on Vine was Lowe’s. Their videos are creative and different. You wouldn’t think that a home improvement company could create the stuff that they do. I highly encourage you to check them out. They helped me think about Vine differently and approach it from a brand perspective. They show you that its possible to provide a branded message in 6 seconds (or less).

    • Thanks! I will definitely check Lowes out. I looked up other companies that use Vine for marketing and Urban Outfitters and Red Vines have posted some pretty entertaining videos. It’s definitely helpful to see how companies are successfully using the network to understand how your brand could benefit from the six second videos.

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